Whether it is developing the next great technological achievement or finding the location where that development occurs, analysis of what is known and the desired outcome is vital. SEtech takes a ‘research and development’ approach to finding the right property for your company. We will develop a “Hot Button” spread sheet to determine how each building meets the individual requirements for your company. We provide Net Present Value Spreadsheets enabling you to compare the financial terms from each building on an apples to apples basis. Your time is valuable so our goal is to make the process of finding a new home for your company as time efficient as possible.

Client Testimonial

Infosys International, Inc.

“Thanks to your understanding of our needs, your market knowledge and your professional diligence, you were able to locate the perfect building and negotiate an excellent deal for us.  We enjoyed working with you and would highly recommend your company and your services to any potential customer with commercial space problems.”

Raj Mehta President & CEO, Infosys International, Inc. Infosys International, Inc. December 2, 2015

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