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The Challenge KMG had been in their present location for over ten years.  The space had become tired with reduced functionality.  KMG needed a change. Furthermore, the owners lived in India directing everything through their very competent but overwhelmed VP of Finance.
The Solution Since the owners were located out of the country it was easy for them to be indecisive – they didn’t have to do any of the leg work. The wanted a large office, then a small office, then a large office again They wanted to stay in their building, then stay in their present area of Melville, then considering locations all over Long Island. Fortunately, I was able to use this indecisiveness to create leverage with their present landlord. Every time the owners changed direction I would tell the landlords agent that they would have to get more aggressive to keep KMG in the building – and they did.
The Result Ultimately, I negotiated the lease expensive deal negotiated in the building in the last ten years. I helped with the space design and the lease negotiation. The owners couldn’t resist, even from their lofty perch in India. They now have a beautiful office space that is updated and fresh. This is helping KMG to be more efficient, productive and profitable.

“In the spring of last year, I came to you seeking your services to relocate KMG to a smaller space.  At first the task seemed an easy one as KMG had provided you some specs on what they were envisioning for the company and where they wanted to relocate to.  That unfortunately quickly evaporated as those specs started to change and with each change brought about a different path to venture down.  At no time did you ever lose patience or seem frustrated with us.  You continued to give us advice based on what these executives wanted.  Your calm and determined approach to this helped me move forward in a productive way.  In addition, once a decision and space was secured, you ensured that all paperwork from the landlord was accurate and you insisted on reviewing every line.  The advice and counsel on that was invaluable to me.

In the end, it all worked out.  The end result is a good one as we have a beautiful new smaller space to work in.  I can appreciate that but more appreciate the journey of getting there.  Your level of expertise in the area of commercial real estate is to be commended.  Thank you again for your invaluable services.”

Ms. Toni Seymour

V.P. Finance & Human Resources, Key Management Group, Inc.

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