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The Challenge CES was growing exponentially and needed a new location.  However, the president understood the value of buying as opposed to leasing.  Especially if the building was purchased at the right price.
The Solution I found two builidings in the area that CES wanted to relocate.  However, these buildings were not for sale.  I bagan negotiating on the first one and we agreed to terms when the seller died.  His estate did not want to sell.  I then bagan to negotiate on the second builing which was also owned by an out of state estate.  The members ofd the estate did not get along and were quarreling about their correct course of action throughout the negotiation.  I was instrumental I convincing them to take the deal that CES wanted.
The Result CES is still located in the building today.  He renovated a large portion of it, rented it out and turned it into a profit center.  He ultimately sold the building for substantially more than he paid.

“I wanted to express my great satisfaction in closing the deal on our building.  My signature was earned by exercising an extraordinary amount of skill, persistence, hard work, skill and then some more skill.  The careful attention to detail that you exhibited with this deal, is an asset that will pay dividends for your clients.”

Daniel W. Corcoran

CEO, CES Computer Solutions, Inc.

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