Real Estate By The Techies, For The Techies

Tech companies are their own corporate species, including their unique habitats. That’s the professional assessment of Ross Selinger, a commercial real estate veteran who’s spent 26 years fitting law, engineering, accounting and all sorts of other firms into proper...

SEtech Sponsors LISTnet 2016 BEST Event

SEtech was proud to be a sponsor of the recent LISTnet BEST event held on May 4th at the Garden City Hotel. As LISTnet events are always engaging affairs that are the hi-lights of the Long Island tech industry calendar each year, this event was once again full of...

The Cities Are Hot, The Suburbs Are Not!

The world of commercial office space is changing.  The question is not only how its changing but where its changing. In the 1940’s and 50’s the returning GI’s left the cities to buy their dream homes in the suburbs.  The developers were more than happy to accommodate...

How To Make Your Office ‘Smart’

As the old concepts of what an office should be and how it should look and feel fall by the wayside, the concept of a “smart” office grows more common. But what is a “smart” office?  Most people who hear the word smart used to describe an object, like a phone or TV,...

The New World of Work

Collaborative office space was originally conceived by Steve Jobs for his new Pixar headquarters in Emeryville, CA.  Besides his attention to aesthetic detail, he was concerned with people’s approach to work.  He believed that employees working independently of each...

Lease & Business Terms for the IT Industry

The Devil is In the Details Traditional companies, such as law or accounting firms/insurance or financial brokers, negotiate leases that reflect the economy at that particular time.  The economy has been the traditional driver of commercial real estate.  An important...

The Office of the Future is Now (Or Can Be)

Today’s office space design is radically different than the past. Traditional users of office space, such as companies in the legal, accounting and financial industries, design their offices to emphasize the hierarchy of their managers and employees and to accommodate...

What is the Work/Life Balance Equation?

Tech companies’ needs are much different than those of other industries such as law or accounting firms, stock or insurance brokerage firms, pension or staffing companies, etc.  Tech companies are in competition with each other to attract and retain the best...

The New Paradigm – Millennials

This new demographic has become the largest population group in American history, even larger than the Baby Boomers.  However, they do have something in common with Baby Boomers.  Their culture and lifestyle have been determined by their early environmental...
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